TrackR // Tech by WILDINTU

We recently received the TrackR Bravo to test out. It's small, lightweight, and water resistant making it great to keep on Ringo like a tag. I enjoy using it when we're outside and I let him off leash temporarily to potty so I'm able to keep track of him. I can also let an alarm noise go off so I can better locate the Ringo when he has it on. I've actually began to train him to return when he hears the sound with treats to make it even more rewarding. I know that it works much better outdoors than indoors for me. I believe the walls of the house can tend to block the Bluetooth signals at times. Also great for using on personal items like keys! This device communicates by Bluetooth and Crowd Technology, but it is an active GPS device. I've enjoyed using this small piece of tech and look forward to using it more. 


If you're interested in the TrackR, you can enter now for a chance to win one with a water resistant sleeve. To learn how to enter, go here:


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