Collaboration with Chuck Rose by WILDINTU

I used Union to merge Carl on top of the flower. Then I used Snapseed to clarify the image. I turned it black and white in VSCOcam. I chose one with more midtones. Then I placed it into Mextures and used my formula {gate keeper #USGHHIK}

Original image by Chuck Rose (crose6584)

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Learning curve... by WILDINTU

My edit for the Mextures Collective challenge. Original image by @mattfrench

My formula, divided contrast: VMLDCGS {#VMLDCGS}

Find out more at mexturescollective.com

Image provided by @derekcarter {#derekcarter_freeforall} Edited first with Mextures {red horizon} & then VSCO {HB2}. Finished up with minor tweaks.

My formula, red horizon: VMLDCGS {#VMLDCGS}

Another image provided by @derekcarter {#derekcarter_freeforall} Edited first with Mextures {radiant forest} & then VSCO {F2 Mellow}. Final touches on Afterlight.

My formula, radiant forest: PUCWEDY {#PUCWEDY}

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