Badger Shark-nado by WILDINTU

Been quite hectic these past few weeks, but it sure has been fun trying to keep up. The badger shark has been on the prowl once again... 

Elusive Badger Shark

Elusive Badger Shark

Although he can also be very quick in the water, he is also very agile on land...

Run like a badger, sting like a flea. 

Run like a badger, sting like a flea. 

I was able to lure him in with a PawPack...turns out, he can be quite the gentlebadger after all. 

Use code HAPPYRINGO for 10% OFF at

Use code HAPPYRINGO for 10% OFF at

All is well when the badger shark is happy. 

Follow along on Instagram @happy__ringo

Follow along on Instagram @happy__ringo

Summer Daydream by WILDINTU

Original image taken at Railraod Park, Birmingam, AL by me #lexiiikw // iPhone 5c // Camera+ App

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I did minor edits in Camera+. Then I did a little more in Snapseed.

Next, I used Alien Sky to apply some lens flare filters.

Then I used Lory Stripes to add contrasting stripes & Tangent to add subtle patterns.

Next, I used my Mextures formula sun water #QLSIWGW

Finally, I applied 05/Legacy in VSCOcam. The final image is the one viewed first at the top!

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Celebration by WILDINTU

•Celebration• Original photo taken by me {iPhone 5c} InstagramBham 2 Year Celebration at Iron City // Birmingham, AL

Below is the original photo I captured using Camera+. I also applied basic edits in Snapseed.

Then I used the Circular app. Then I added the effects Solar Flare & Chroma Ring

The I moved it into Animal Face to apply animal faces.

Next, I moved it into Mextures & used my formula Celebration #XDRIWEE

Then I moved it into Alien Sky & applied the following: Galaxy//Milky Way 2//Star Cluster 2//Star Cluster 3//Magenta Nebula//Spiral Stars 1

Then I moved it into Tangent (3x)

Then I moved it back into Mextures & used my formula phantom #RQZNACG

Then I moved it into VSCOcam & applied P4/Instant. The final edit was the first one viewed at the top! :)

Twenty20 // Instagram

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